5 Essential Beginner Shooting Drills

In order to improve your shooting skills as a beginner, there are five essential drills that you must try. These drills have been specifically designed to help you build accuracy, consistency, and confidence when shooting. From perfecting your form and technique to mastering different shooting positions, these exercises will provide a solid foundation for your shooting journey. So grab your basketball and get ready to take your shooting game to the next level with these five essential beginner shooting drills.

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Dribble and Shoot

Dribble with dominant hand

When it comes to basketball shooting drills, it’s important to start with the basics. One of the fundamental skills every player should develop is dribbling with their dominant hand. This drill helps improve ball control and coordination. Start by standing with your feet shoulder-width apart and your knees slightly bent. Begin dribbling the ball with your dominant hand, focusing on keeping your dribbles low and controlled. Practice different dribbling moves, such as crossovers and between the legs, to enhance your ball-handling skills.

Dribble with weak hand

To become a well-rounded basketball player, it’s crucial to develop your weak hand. This drill focuses on improving your dribbling skills with your non-dominant hand. Start by dribbling the ball with your weak hand, using the same techniques as in the previous drill. It may feel challenging at first, but with practice, you’ll be able to strengthen your weak hand and increase your overall ball-handling abilities.

Execute a jump shot

A jump shot is one of the most common shooting techniques in basketball. This drill helps you perfect your shooting form and develop consistency in your jump shot. Start by standing with your feet shoulder-width apart, knees slightly bent, and the ball held in both hands. Jump off the ground, extending your shooting arm upward while releasing the ball with a smooth and fluid motion. Focus on snapping your wrist and following through as the ball leaves your hand. Repeat the drill from various spots on the court to improve your shooting accuracy and range.

Execute a layup

Layups are essential skills for players of all positions. This drill focuses on mastering the technique of driving towards the hoop and scoring points close to the basket. Start by dribbling towards the hoop with your dominant hand. As you approach the basket, take a long stride with your opposite foot and extend your arm for a layup. Aim to release the ball off the backboard softly, enabling it to drop into the hoop with accuracy. Practice layups from different angles and with both hands to become proficient in finishing around the basket.

Combine dribbling and shooting

To bring together the skills you’ve learned in the previous drills, it’s crucial to practice combining dribbling and shooting. This drill simulates game-like scenarios where you must maneuver with the ball while being able to take a shot at any given moment. Start by dribbling with your dominant hand, performing various moves to create separation from imaginary defenders. Once you’ve created an open shooting opportunity, execute a jump shot or a layup. Focus on maintaining control of the ball while being able to transition quickly from dribbling to shooting.

Spot Shooting

Choose 5 designated spots on the court

In this shooting drill, you’ll focus on shooting from specific spots on the court. Start by selecting five spots around the perimeter or within the key area. These spots should represent various shooting positions that you commonly find yourself in during games. This could include the corners, the top of the key, or the wings. By practicing from these designated spots, you’ll get comfortable shooting from different angles and distances, ultimately improving your overall shooting abilities.

Begin at the first spot and take 5 shots

Now that you’ve chosen your spots, it’s time to start shooting. Begin at the first spot and take five shots. Make sure to use proper shooting form and technique with each shot. Pay close attention to your footwork, balance, and hand positioning. This drill allows you to focus on the fundamentals and develop muscle memory for consistent shooting.

Move to the next spot and repeat

After completing your shots at the first spot, move on to the next spot and repeat the process. Remember to reset your positioning and focus on executing each shot with precision. By moving through the designated spots, you’ll be able to work on shooting from different areas of the court, thereby expanding your shooting range and versatility.

Continue until all spots are completed

Continue the drill until you have completed shooting from all five designated spots. Take your time and be mindful of your technique and accuracy. It’s important to maintain consistency throughout the drill, as this will translate to improved shooting during game situations.

Focus on technique and accuracy

Throughout the spot shooting drill, it’s essential to prioritize both technique and accuracy. Concentrate on using proper shooting form, including a balanced stance, aligned shooting arm, and a smooth release. Pay attention to your shot arc and follow-through, as these factors greatly affect shooting accuracy. By focusing on technique and accuracy, you’ll develop a solid shooting foundation that will benefit you in both practice and actual games.

5 Essential Beginner Shooting Drills

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Free Throw Practice

Shoot 10 free throws

Free throw shooting is a critical skill in basketball that can often make or break a game. This drill allows you to specifically work on your free throw shooting technique and consistency. Begin by shooting 10 free throws from the designated spot on the court. Focus on your shooting form, including your body positioning, hand placement, and release.

Analyze your shooting form

After shooting your free throws, take a moment to analyze your shooting form. Pay attention to any flaws or inconsistencies in your technique. Look for areas where you can improve, whether it’s your balance, wrist snap, or follow-through. Identifying these areas will help you make necessary adjustments for more accurate shooting.

Adjust your technique if necessary

Based on your analysis, make any necessary adjustments to your shooting technique. This could involve correcting your stance, refining your hand positioning, or modifying your release. Focus on one aspect at a time to ensure you’re not overwhelming yourself with too many changes. Be patient with the process of adjusting your technique, as it takes time and repetition to develop muscle memory.

Continue shooting until consistent accuracy is achieved

The key to successful free throw shooting is consistency. Keep shooting free throws until you achieve consistent accuracy. This may take several practice sessions, but with dedication and repetition, you’ll see improvement over time. Regularly track your progress to monitor your shooting percentage and identify areas where you continue to excel or require further practice.

Track progress over time

To gauge your improvement and motivation, track your free throw shooting progress over time. Keep a record of your shooting percentage and observe any trends or patterns. This data will provide valuable insights into your development as a shooter and create goals to strive for. Celebrate milestones and use setbacks as opportunities for growth and learning.

One-Minute Drill

Set a timer for one minute

The one-minute drill is an excellent way to work on your shooting speed and accuracy under pressure. Set a timer for one minute, creating a sense of urgency and replicating game-like conditions. The limited time will challenge you to think quickly and react swiftly.

Shoot as many shots as possible within the time limit

During the one-minute drill, your goal is to shoot as many shots as possible within the time limit. Focus on quick releases and maintain a high shooting percentage. This drill is an excellent opportunity to practice shooting against the clock and to develop a sense of urgency in your shooting technique.

Record the number of successful shots

To track your progress and improvement, record the number of successful shots you make during the one-minute drill. This data will help you analyze your performance and set goals for future sessions. By monitoring your success rate, you’ll be able to see your growth as a shooter over time.

Repeat the drill to track improvement

To track your progress accurately, repeat the one-minute drill regularly. By doing so, you can compare your results and measure your improvement over time. Challenge yourself to beat your previous record and set new personal bests. The one-minute drill is an effective way to push yourself and improve your shooting efficiency.

5 Essential Beginner Shooting Drills

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Catch and Shoot

Have a partner pass you the ball

In the catch and shoot drill, you’ll focus on your ability to receive a pass and shoot quickly and accurately. Find a partner who can assist you by passing the ball. This drill emulates game-like situations, allowing you to practice shooting off the catch.

Catch the ball in shooting position

As your partner passes you the ball, be ready to catch it in shooting position. Stay in an athletic stance with your hands up and your knees slightly bent. As the ball comes towards you, be prepared to quickly transition into your shooting motion.

Shoot without dribbling

The catch and shoot drill emphasizes shooting without the need for dribbling. This scenario often occurs during fast breaks or when you receive a pass off a screen. Practice shooting directly after catching the ball, focusing on a quick release and maintaining your shooting form.

Focus on footwork and balance

Incorporate footwork and balance into the catch and shoot drill. As you catch the ball, make sure to have proper footwork by aligning your shooting shoulder with your shooting foot. This alignment will help you generate power and maintain stability during your shot. Focus on remaining balanced throughout your shooting motion to increase accuracy and consistency.

Increase difficulty with varying pass speeds or distances

To challenge yourself further, vary the speed or distance of the passes in the catch and shoot drill. Ask your partner to throw high passes, bounce passes, or even off-target passes, forcing you to adjust and adapt in a game-like manner. By practicing under different conditions, you’ll develop the ability to handle unexpected situations and still execute your shot effectively.

Bank Shot Practice

Position yourself near the backboard

Bank shots are underutilized skills in basketball but can be highly effective, especially when near the basket. Position yourself near the backboard, focusing on shooting shots that hit the backboard before going into the hoop. Align yourself at angles where the backboard can assist you in making successfully banked shots.

Shoot the ball off the backboard into the hoop

When shooting a bank shot, aim to contact the backboard at the appropriate spot and angle. Use the backboard as a guide to accurately redirect the ball into the hoop. Concentrate on the strength and trajectory of your shot to ensure it hits the backboard and finds its way into the basket.

Practice from different angles

Bank shot practice becomes more realistic when attempted from different angles. Move around the court, positioning yourself at various points where a bank shot opportunity may arise during a game. By practicing from different angles, you’ll become comfortable with the mechanics and precision required for successful bank shots.

Focus on controlling the strength and trajectory

To master the bank shot, focus on controlling the strength and trajectory of your shot. Aim to create a delicate touch off the backboard by adjusting the power behind your shot and the angle at which it contacts the backboard. Mastery of this skill will enable you to consistently convert bank shots into points.

Develop accuracy and confidence in bank shots

Bank shots can add versatility to your shooting repertoire, allowing you to score in situations where a direct shot may be challenging. By consistently practicing bank shots, you’ll develop accuracy and build confidence in your ability to capitalize on these opportunities. This practice will pay dividends in game situations, helping your team to secure crucial points.

5 Essential Beginner Shooting Drills

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Shooting off Screens

Have a teammate set screens for you

Incorporating screens into your shooting drills is essential for improving your performance off the ball. In this drill, have a teammate set screens to simulate game-like scenarios where you come off screens and shoot.

Practice coming off the screens and shooting

As your teammate sets screens for you, practice coming off the screens and quickly setting up for a shot. Focus on reading the defense and using the screen effectively to create separation between you and your defender. This drill will help you develop the ability to shoot effectively in situations where you’re not the primary ball-handler.

Work on creating separation from defenders

Creating separation from defenders is crucial for getting open looks at the basket. Use the screens provided by your teammate to practice this skill. Experiment with different moves, such as using the screen to create space for a jump shot or executing a quick drive to the basket after coming off the screen. The goal is to become proficient at creating openings that allow you to take high-percentage shots.

Focus on catching and shooting quickly

As you come off screens, practice catching the ball and quickly setting up for your shot. This drill emphasizes the importance of being ready to shoot within a split second. Work on your hand-eye coordination, catching the ball cleanly, and immediately transitioning into your shooting motion. This skill is especially valuable in fast-paced game scenarios.

Simulate game-like scenarios

While performing this drill, make an effort to simulate game-like scenarios. Visualize defenders trying to chase you, and react as you would in a real game. The goal is to enhance your shooting proficiency in situations where you’re moving off the ball by creating scoring opportunities through screens and off-ball movement.

Shooting on the Move

Start at one spot on the court

Shooting on the move is a valuable skill that allows you to be effective even while on the run. Begin this drill by starting at one spot on the court. This spot can be anywhere on the perimeter or even closer to the basket depending on your skill level and comfort zone.

Move to a different spot while dribbling or running

After taking your initial shot, it’s time to move to a different spot on the court. Incorporate dribbling or running into your movement to simulate in-game scenarios. By practicing shooting on the move, you’ll improve your ability to shoot accurately while on the run, making you a dynamic scoring threat.

Receive a pass or pick up the dribble

Once you reach your desired spot, either receive a pass or pick up your dribble. This action will transition you from movement to shooting. Focus on catching the ball cleanly or coming to a controlled stop before executing your shot. This drill will help you develop the skill of shooting in different situations, whether it’s off the catch or after a quick change of direction while dribbling.

Execute a jump shot or layup

After receiving the pass or picking up the dribble, it’s time to execute your shot. Depending on your positioning and the distance from the basket, you may opt for a jump shot or a layup. Develop the ability to assess the situation quickly and make the right decision on whether to shoot or drive to the basket.

Work on shooting in different situations

The purpose of shooting on the move is to build your ability to shoot from different positions and circumstances. Vary your movements and change the spots you start at to challenge yourself and simulate game situations. By practicing shooting on the move, you’ll become a versatile scorer capable of converting shots from various angles and positions.

Game Simulation Drill

Set up a simulated game scenario

The game simulation drill allows you to practice a combination of skills you’ve learned in previous drills while also focusing on decision-making and shot selection. Set up a simulated game scenario by visualizing the game situation you want to replicate. Imagine the time remaining on the clock, the score, and the defensive pressure you may face.

Incorporate dribbling, passing, and shooting

To make the simulation as realistic as possible, incorporate dribbling, passing, and shooting into the drill. Begin by dribbling the ball, using moves to create space and drive towards the hoop. Make quick decisions on whether to pass, pull up for a mid-range shot, or take a layup. This drill will help you develop a complete offensive arsenal by honing your ability to read the defense and make the best play in different situations.

Focus on decision-making and shot selection

During the game simulation drill, focus on your decision-making and shot selection. Train yourself to make split-second choices under pressure, evaluating the best options based on the situation. By practicing these skills, you’ll become a more confident and efficient player, capable of making smart decisions during real games.

Practice under pressure and time constraints

To maximize the effectiveness of the game simulation drill, practice under pressure and time constraints. Visualize intense defense, shot clocks, and competitive game situations. By simulating these conditions, you’ll be better prepared to handle the pressures of an actual game, allowing you to execute with confidence and composure.

Analyze performance and identify areas for improvement

After completing the game simulation drill, take the time to analyze your performance. Identify areas where you excelled and impacted the game positively, as well as areas where improvement is needed. This analysis will help you focus your practice on specific skills and strategies that need attention, ultimately contributing to your growth as a well-rounded basketball player.

Mental Focus and Visualization

Practice mental visualization of successful shooting

Shooting is not solely a physical skill; it also heavily relies on mental focus and visualization. Take time during your training sessions to practice mental visualization of successful shooting. Close your eyes and imagine yourself making the perfect shot with flawless technique and accuracy. Visualize the ball swishing through the net, hear the sound of the crowd’s roar, and feel the satisfaction of a successful shot.

Develop a pre-shot routine for focus

Developing a pre-shot routine is an effective way to enhance your mental focus before shooting. This routine can be personalized, incorporating actions or rituals that help you get into the right mindset. It may involve taking a deep breath, visualizing the shot, bouncing the ball a specific number of times, or reciting a positive affirmation. By consistently following your pre-shot routine, you’ll establish a reliable process that enhances your focus and increases your shooting consistency.

Visualize ideal shooting form and successful shots

Mental visualization is a powerful tool for enhancing your shooting performance. Spend time visualizing ideal shooting form, focusing on proper technique, and flawless execution. Picture the ball leaving your hand with perfect rotation, your elbow following a straight path, and your wrist snapping on release. Visualize the ball consistently finding its mark, resulting in successful shots repetitively.

Maintain a positive mindset during drills and games

Maintaining a positive mindset is essential for success in any aspect of life, including basketball. During drills and games, focus on staying positive, even when faced with challenges or setbacks. Negative thoughts can hinder your performance and confidence, so consciously replace them with positive affirmations and encouragement. Believe in your abilities and trust the countless hours of training you’ve put into becoming a better shooter.

Train the mind for improved shooting performance

Incorporating mental training into your shooting drills and exercises can greatly enhance your shooting performance. Just like physical skills, mental skills require practice and nurturing. By training your mind through visualization, a pre-shot routine, and maintaining a positive mindset, you’ll optimize your shooting potential and find success on the basketball court. Remember, shooting is as much about the mind as it is about physical technique, so invest time and effort in cultivating a strong mental approach to shooting.

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